A fresh way of looking at and coming to terms with problems in your life.

Everyone can have difficult times in their lives that seem overwhelming. We all need to feel heard, seen and understood, so sometimes it helps to talk to a caring professional.

People come to counselling for any number of reasons. Whatever your reason, I believe the fundamental goal of therapy is to relieve suffering, restore the vitality and energy in your life and enable self-healing and growth. Therapy should be an empowering process to help you take control of your life, resolve your difficulties and increase your sense of wellbeing.

There are so many different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy that it can be daunting and confusing when you are trying to find the right therapist. We have multiple ways of making meanings of ourselves and of our lives. This is why there are so many different therapeutic approaches to help us make sense of our behaviours, thoughts and feelings and why I believe no singular approach is likely to be adequate. I am guided by my client’s needs in balancing and integrating a number of approaches and techniques that focus on cognitive, emotional, and body processing. This integrative approach helps illuminate these multiple layers of ourselves so we can gain a greater awareness and reflection. This gives us more power to choose how to move forward in our lives.

Counselling provides a private and confidential space in which you can talk freely and explore aspects of your life in a way that is rarely possible with friends or family. When the client/therapist relationship is collaborative, trusting and feels secure, it brings us closer to an awareness of the way we are in our lives. This mindful awareness then helps us to see our world with fresh eyes and to be more in touch with our experience of it. This insight makes change possible as we then have the ability to choose our way forward, rather than respond in habitually damaging ways.

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